Solo Travellers

Never miss a trip of a lifetime. Travelling solo is possible – and fun!

Travelling solo offers you the opportunity to travel without the limitations of another traveller’s budget or timeline. It’s a trip just for you.

Adventures are always yours to decide, with options or add-ons to

  • visit Hobbiton of Lord of the Rings fame or cruise Lake Wakatipu to a lovely farm for a local meal as part of a 14-night tour around stunning New Zealand.
  • remain on ship for a relaxing day on the lido deck or tour the ancient ruins of Butrint in Albania, a historic UNESCO site, as part of an 12-day expedition through the coastal cities of the Mediterranean Sea on a 3-masted sailing ship.

When you ask about Solo Travel, our agents share their insider knowledge of the best travel companies who cater to single occupancy travellers. This means we can help you find fantastic travel experiences that guarantee a single room or pair you with another solo traveller of the same gender – and often without a painful single supplement fee.

We know that solo travel can mean different things to different people. So, while our agents can help you arrange the ultimate solo experience, we can also help you find an exciting tour that will introduce you to groups of solo travellers with like-minded interests.

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