Expedition Cruising

Artic Polar Bears to Antarctic Penguin Colonies

Our Expedition Cruising experts: Philip Beck | Jenny Revesz | Dean Nelson | Jennifer Patterson

Ready for pure adventure in the most remote expedition cruising destinations around the world?

Discover everything this big beautiful planet has to offer -- from the far north to the south pole and everything in between. Small open-sea ships anchor in the centre of the most stunning fjords for explorers like you to:

  • hike pristine mountain ranges
  • examine the microscopic life of secret lakes
  • get close to nature at the side of professional scientists and photographers

Expedition cruises focus on sustainability and education ensuring travellers receive the most impactful learning experiences, including study related to the habits and habitat of:

  • penguin colonies that dominate the landscapes of the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and Falkland Islands
  • humpback whales and orca that breach and feed in the most northern waters of the Americas
  • brown and polar bears that fish and hunt in the wild British Columbian, Alaskan or Icelandic fjords

Wildlife is abundant and easily accessed by kayak or Zodiac on expedition cruises. In fact, the wonder never stops. Expeditioners will behold tremendous landscapes that feature:

  • expansive oceanside cliffs dotted with nesting sea-birds
  • active volcanoes, bubbling mud pots and spectacular lava formations
  • thundering waterfalls, blue lagoons and erupting geysers
  • cultural symbols of First Nations or relics of the first explorers

Expedition cruising is an opportunity of a lifetime for adventurers who want to get close to nature within a unique travel experience.

Contact an expedition cruising expert to reserve your space on a small expedition ship before it’s too late:

Philip Beck | Jenny Revesz | Dean Nelson | Jennifer Patterson